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A message from Heritage Animal Hospital in regards to COVID-19 (update 4/1/2020)

COVID-19 Update: On March 30th, Governor Whitmer released an executive order limiting non-essential veterinary services. This order closely follows the protocol that we already have in place under the guidance of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, however it does promote the use of telemedicine as much as possible. While this may not be possible for all issues, we do have a telemedicine app (Televet) that can be easily accessed from the lower right hand portion of your screen and we will continue to be open, with curbside service only, to serve our clients in the capacity listed below.

Essential Services:


The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association and Governor Whitmer's executive order recognizes the importance of continuing to vaccinate pets "to prevent the transmission of any infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and human beings." As a result, we will continue to see wellness visits if vaccines are due. If you are uncomfortable bringing your pet in at this time, we fully understand. If this is the case, please contact our office to discuss our vaccine guarantees and options to keep your pet's protected during this time.

Non-Wellness Appointments and End of Life Care

The executive order states that visits necessary to preserve the life of a pet, those that are necessary to treat pain or discomfort that threatens the health and safety of a pet and end of life care remain essential services.


In order to limit the use of PPE (personal protection equipment) we are no longer scheduling routine surgeries and have started a wait list for those that need to be scheduled once conditions stabilize and improve. Those surgeries that are performed to alleviate illness and/or pain will continue to be done.

Non-Essential Services:

Unfortunately during this time, we are unable to perform other routine, non-essential services such as nail trims, routine wellness exams if vaccines are not due, progesterone testing, breedings, semen shipping, and OFA/PennHIP radiographs. Once conditions are appropriate, we will work diligently on rescheduling these appointments.

Curbside Service:

When arriving for your appointment please call from your vehicle to check in, one of our assistants will obtain a history and come to the vehicle to pick up your pet. For these appointments, communication and payment will be done over the phone.

As a reminder, if you or members of your household are ill or experiencing symptoms, we ask that you do not bring your pet in at this time. If it is absolutely necessary for your pet to be seen, please find someone who is healthy to bring your pet for you and notify us of this. Additionally, any of our staff members who are feeling ill will not come to work in our efforts to provide a safe environment.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have to remember it is for the best safety for everyone.

Family-Oriented Veterinary Care

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Heritage Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital catering to cats, dogs, and exotic pets in Dundee, Ann Arbor, Toledo, Monroe, and the surrounding area. We offer advanced medicine in a warm and friendly space, and we treat all animals like family because to us, they are family.

At Heritage Animal Hospital, professional and compassionate care is standard practice. We’re open 7 days a week so it’s more convenient to schedule an appointment, and we provide high-quality veterinary services, including Wellness and Preventive Care, Dentistry, and Feline Medicine.

Our skilled team has special interests that go beyond general medicine, including regenerative medicine, advanced orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery, and breeder services that include OFA and PennHIP health screenings. Our mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond and build a lasting relationship with you and your pet. Come in for a visit, and see the difference at Heritage Animal Hospital.

To book an appointment or learn more about our services, please call us at (734) 529-9177.

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